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Love That Pound Puppy Quilt

OPENS: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM EDT
CLOSES: Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDT
Love that Pound Puppy Quilt designed by Linda Hibbert


Pound Puppy Quilt on WallCairn

In June 2007, Silver Linings Originals decided to create a quilt to help a dog rescue group get funds to care for their rescue dogs.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) entered and was honored to receive this quilt for our fundraising purposes. At that time the Love That Pound Puppy Quilt was independently appraised and valued at $4,500.00 - this was a tremendous gift to us. We had a special fundraiser for it, and it brought in over $7,000.

The happy winners took this wonderful quilt home - but even then, they stated that they hoped to enjoy it for a time, then redonate it to CPCRN for additional fundraising. That time has come.


Tibetan Spaniel

CPCRN dogs come from many places - some are direct owner or breeder surrenders to us, some come from Puppymill auctions, but many come from shelters all over the country.

Recently a hoarding case in Medina OH included many cairns. CPCRN was in a position to assist the local shelter by taking 14 of these cairns into our care, relieving some of the stress on a shelter that got more dogs in on one day than they had cared for the entire prior year.

Foxhound EnglishCPCRN Volunteers search Petfinder listings and contact their local shelters to try to find cairns and cairn mixes in need of assistance. We provide support to the shelters for the harder to adopt out cairns which may be in need of behavioral assistance or medical care We do not refuse a cairn simply because they are old - in fact, the oldest cairn we have taken in so far was 17 years old. By accepting these dogs into our program we can save them from being euthanized while also opening up space at that shelter for other dogs to have a chance at life. Many of our volunteers have decades of experience with cairns and are used to their wily ways.


All profits will be used exclusively in assisting, rescuing and rehoming Cairns in need. Typical expenses include: veterinary care for pre-existing conditions, necessary shots, spaying or neutering, fees paid to shelters where Cairns are found and initial boarding for rescues when there is any question as to their health or temperament. CPCRN is a 100% volunteer organization - we have no paid employees.

German ShepherdNotes from Linda Hibbert - proprietor of Silver Linings Originals:

My "BEST IN SHOW, ALL BREED AKC" quilt was featured in Quilters Newsletter in 2007. This quilt, consisting of 7 full size quilt panels and spanning nearly 40 horizontal feet incorporates all of the AKC dog breeds, arranged in AKC groups. While the quilt is too large to be entered and judged in most quilt shows it will be on exhibit around the country occasionally. In April 2008 it will be a featured exhibit at the MQX show in New Hampshire. Their charity for the year is the New Hampshire Humane Society. I will have a charity quilt there to be auctioned off as well.

German Shepherd  


While creating the BEST IN SHOW quilt, many dog blocks were made that could not be used in the final composition. Many of these 'reject blocks' (pound puppies) are now being incorporated into charity quilts for donations to rescue or research organizations across the country. The first of these "LOVE THAT POUND PUPPY" has been given to COL. POTTER CAIRN RESCUE NETWORK.

Golden RetrieverIn the meantime, I freely give permission to other quilters to use my patterns for similar circumstances. The patterns are my business, so they are not donated, but their use is encouraged. I only ask that my name, Linda Hibbert, be listed as pattern designer on the label of any products produced from my patterns.

The "LOVE THAT POUND PUPPY" quilt top was assembled using my dog blocks, scrappy set blocks provided by Noreen Duncan of Canada (a Cairn Terrier enthusiast) and the quilting skills of Sandy Hill. Other donated fabrics were incorporated into the borders. When the top was completed, I did the quilting on my Gammill Longarm.

Foxhound American

The quilt was appraised by a certified quilt appraiser, Jeannanne Wright of Longmont, Colorado. The following comments are a synopsis of her report. The full appraisal will be sent to the winner.

This is a large quilt, 70" by 87" and was made in 2007. It uses a variety of quilt construction methods, including paper pieced dogs, machine pieced squares, machine quilted and machine embroidered labeling of dog names. The fabrics are cotton solids and prints and the batting is also cotton. This quilt is heavily quilted with feathered bands, one inch parallel bands on the border, and ribbons, meander and crescent shapes in the blocks. There are three mitered borders. The backing is two different dog prints.

The construction and quilting are excellent. The quilt is new, unused and unwashed. Visually graphic and exciting, outstanding paper piecing technique, maker designed the dog patterns and is internationally known for her patterns.

Irish Setter

In order to generate the most revenue for our rescue, Linda has generously allowed us to use the image of the Love That Pound Puppy Quilt as well as the individual squares in our Cafe Press Store.

This will allow many of us to get T-shirts, Tote Bags, Tile Boxes and more with these images. To go directly to the Love That Pound Puppy Quilt page, please click here
Dandie Dinmont Terrier

When working dog rescue, you are constantly hunting for funds to help care for the dogs in your care, and to allow you to help more. This quilt came to us like a bolt from the blue, and we can never express our gratitude to Linda and all who helped her construct it,as well as Aynne and Henry who have given us a chance to get even more funds from it. It is stunningly gorgeous and as the first recipient of one of her Pound Puppy Quilts, we can only hope we can do it justice. We have a 'goal' of having 2000 squares pledged but would be ecstatic if more came in.

For those not familiar with Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network, our main website is - Please browse around. We can suggest checking out our Available Cairns for the dogs currently in care, or our Faces of Rescue Foster Dog Pictorial to see the many dogs we have cared for in recent years. If you are wondering where we got such a strange name, check WHO WE ARE and read about the little cairn in whose memory we work.
Once again, Thank YOU Linda and Silver Linings Originals for this opportunity.

A close-up of the inner border feathered quilting

Quilted Inner Border

Square Purchase Incentives

Purple QuiltRed, White and Black Quilt

We have two special quilts as incentives to buy your squares in multiples. These lovely quilts were made by CPCRN Quilters and are large and lovely.

As usual, we will continue to have our incentive prizes for most referrals by dollar amount and by number of people referred.

For every $5 donation or like quantity thereof, a pledge square or squares will be assigned to the donor [i.e. a donation of $20.00 would entitle a donor to have their name placed in four squares] .

Purple Quilt SPECIAL INCENTIVE 1 : BUY SQUARES IN GROUPS OF FIVE! For each group of five squares you buy at one time, you will automatically receive one bonus square for a Purple and White quilt by Joy Wisckol. This lovely quilt is 70" long by 50" wide. The block is titled Card Trick for the way the 'cards' rotate around each other. It is machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water, but should be line dried. Click the box at the left to see a larger picture of the full quilt.

Red, White and Black Quilt

SPECIAL INCENTIVE 2: BUY SQUARES IN GROUPS OF TEN! For each group of ten squares you buy at one time, you will automatically receive two bonus squares for the Purple and White Quilt and one bonus square for a Red White and Black Quilt by Cheryl Paul. This dog inspired quilt is 70" long x 55" wide. The block is titled Ohio Star, which is apt since Cheryl is from Ohio. The center of each square is dog themed and the back is a beautiful doggy print. It is machine washable on a gentle cycle in cold water, but should be line dried. Click the box at the right to see a larger picture of the full quilt.



Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Charity.
The small print about this fundraiser is at the bottom of the page  

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Charity.

These are the rules:

Shepherd mix - piecing pattern not available
  • Our Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network's Love That Pound Puppy Quilt Fundraiser opens on Wednesday, February 23, 2011 at 9:00 AM EDT and closes on Sunday, July 24, 2011 at 9:00 PM EDT.
  • For every $5 donation or like quantity thereof [i.e. a donation of $20.00 would entitle a donor to have their name placed in four squares] a pledge square or squares will be assigned to the donor. Pledged squares are assigned sequentially as donations are received. Specific number(s) cannot be requested by the donor. Your pledge square numbers will be e-mailed to you upon processing your donation submission and entry into our Love That Pound Puppy Quilt database. All donations must be received within 30 days after the close of the fundraiser, otherwise your entry will be voided and if you won one of the quilts, it will be forfeited. CPCRN does not send statements.
  • The odds of selection will not be known until the fundraiser ends. We are not limiting the number of pledged squares.
  • Donations to this fundraiser are not tax deductible. Per the IRS: Contributions you cannot deduct at all include...the cost of raffles, bingo, or other games of chance. You cannot deduct contributions that you give to qualified organizations if, as a result, you receive or expect to receive a financial or economic benefit equal to the contribution. The FMV of this quilt is the appraisal value of $4,500.00. Pointer
  • $5 donation for a pledge square is a suggested donation. You may receive a pledge square without donating. Send a request to and include all the information requested on the donation form.
  • This fundraiser is open to all individuals over 21 years of age, including CPCRN Board Members, Directors, Group leaders or managers alike with one exception. The person who will run the random selection program to pull the winning pledge square numbers will not be allowed to participate in this fundraiser, NOR will they have access or be privy to the database prior to the random number selection which will be time stamped by the program and dated.
  • Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network has assigned a non-CPCRN Board member and trusted individual who has been given a "RANDOM SELECTION PROGRAM", which will provide a time stamped and dated list of the programs randomly selected number based on the amount of squares pledged [i.e. if we have 772 pledges, the Random Selection program will be programmed to select 1 recipient from 1 to 772. This individual will have NO knowledge of our donations database or who has been assigned what number(s) or pledge squares, and WILL NOT pledge in this fundraiser.
  • This fundraiser will close and a match with the Random Selection program will be made when the closing date and time, as mentioned above has been met.
  • Once the fundraiser closes, the following will occur: The random selection program, when run, will show the results to the person but also automatically email the results to the following addresses:
    • Danielle Rackstraw, CPCRN President
    • The individual who will run the Random Selection program
  • The results will be promptly posted on this page and sent to the Cairn Rescue Mentoring Yahoo Group (CRM).
  • Winner will be notified of their win on this page at the bottom within 24 hours of the close.
  • The quilts will be shipped within two weeks after you have been notified of your win and we have received your full donation.
  • Non - US Shipping: CPCRN reserves the right to charge any winner having their item sent to a foreign country the difference between postage within the USA and to the country which this item is being sent. Recipient is responsible for any customs or duty charges.
  • CPCRN generally has incentives on its Cairn Rescue Mentoring Yahoo Group (CRM). Only entries from those on the group on incentive day will be eligible to win the incentive - winner choice will be done using the same random number generator as on the final prize selection. All other rules apply to all incentive prizes.

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network is an IRS registered 501(c)3 Charity.

Border Terrier THE WINNERS ARE... (Watch this spot for the winners!!)
Once the fundraiser closes, the winners will be posted below. Once that is finished, we will notify our gift shippers to send the gifts out.
Incentive winners
Most referrals by number
of people referred
$50 gift certificate to the Cairn Mall
Most referrals by Dollar ???
$50 gift certificate to the Cairn Mall

If you have any questions regarding Love That Pound Puppy Quilt, please email

To print out a Flyer suitable for posting: Click Here . Please remember to take the flyer down once the fundraiser is over.

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