Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network's
Million Penny Challenge
Kids Helping Kids!

We would like to acknowledge all children who helped our Penny Challenge.

Contributors (in order by date)

Jordan Stadnik Age 10
Troy & Franki, Montez' Grandkids Age 10 & 7
Emily Moughty Age 12

Max Stadnik
Picture by Michelle


Thinking that my fostering dogs is "totally awesome", Troy, my 10 yr. old grandson, wanted to take a jar for Coins to school to put in the office. When he got it there, Troy discovered 2 other containers there. One for a sick child & I believe the other was for a family that had lost their daddy. Anyway, he felt those were more important, so he took the jar back home. Troy gave it to me yesterday & it was heavy w/money. Between he & his little sister Franki (7), they had gathered up their change & there was $6.78 in the jar. (Mom may have added a penny or two as well) They are really neat kids with the softest little hearts!!! Just wanted to share. I'm very proud of them!!

Their proud Nana and her crew,
Montez #lllll , Ramsay & Ciara in MO

Montez . . . this brought tears to my eyes. . . both with his love and knowing about rescue dogs, but the compassion for humans AND the decision of not to leave the jar. This WAS the right decision. It's the kids of today, which are our hope with rescue animals tomorrow.

The Great Participant

Hi, my name is Emily Moughty and today I'd like to share with you the story of how my school team and I raised the money for a fantastic program called, "Coins for Cairns."

When I found out about this program, my heart was filled with joy, one because I thought it was great that my Aunt and other members of the Cairn Rescue were doing this for Cairns, and two that I knew my team, actually my school and I would most definitely be able to help... A LOT!

As soon as I heard about the news, I immediately knew that I needed to do something to help, so I though of the idea of bringing a pretty big jar in and filling it right to the top with pounds of money for Cairn Terriers! Of course to get the jar my family and I were shoving our mouths full of pretzels, and pretzels to empty this good sized jar that would soon be filled with plenty of mullah!

I decided to bring the jar into school and go around from 7:45 a.m.-2:45 p.m. day after day collecting money from anyone who was offering to help! Some of my closest friends, (Jessica Simeone, Tessa Samuelson, Jessica Bainer, and Jessica Lengyl) helped with it by skipping free period and coming down to the library to create posters and put them up all over the school!

Almost everyone in the building participated in this project, and to our succes all together we raised the amazing amount of $66.11!!!

Emily Moughty
Students and Teachers
at Walsh Intermediate School
and the Team 2 Swim Team

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Last Updated: 22-February-2004